Anonymous asked:

blurb of you and sammy doing the boyfriend tag

pineapplegrier answered:

it’d be hella cute like

he’d drape his arm around you and stare at you in awe as you asked questions and when you’d turn to question why he was quiet you’d notice his eyes glued to yours and he’d grin widely and pull your head to him and he’d kiss your cheek and you’d giggle as he continued to kiss everywhere but your lips and omf like every time you’d answer one of his questions wrong he’d tickle you and tease you about how he’s a way better boyfriend than you are his girlfriend just because he knew your shoe size and after you were done filming he’d stare down at you and smirk “since I got the most questions right, does that make me the winner?” and you’d nod and he’d continue “as the winner, i’d like to claim my prize” and omf he’d literally pounce onto you and press his lips to yours desperately eek shit